About our vessel, SV Shindyah

About our beautiful home, SV Shindyah


SV Shindyah is a 1991 Morgan Classic 41 by Catalina, docked in Galesville, Maryland.  She is named after William’s family, of the Wyandotte Nation, in Oklahoma. Prior to the vessel being named ‘Shindyah’, she had three other names all of which had not been removed traditionally. On 10 July 2016, William had the vessel’s renaming/commissioning ceremony; revealing her name and Wyandotte Turtle afterward.

One thing I’ve found humorous in the past year: Walking down the dock behind another couple. The husband stops, looks at our vessel and shouts ‘Oklahoma?!’. Hilarious! Since the Wyandotte Nation is in Oklahoma, and that is our hailing port, it does raise an eyebrow or two from time to time.

The latest

We are currently docked at HYH, after growing tired of having a dock bar in our front yard. PC provided a good jumping off point, since William had started his liveaboard adventures aboard a Catalina 27′ in 2015. SV 45 Years is now in the good hands of friends, and has since been renamed SV Marni.

Catalina had purchased Morgan and brought back the Out Island as the Morgan Classic.


Morgan 41 Classic Specs

This is a writeup of the Out Island which is the Classic’s predecessor (yes the naming is weird).  It does talk about the differences in the Classic though.

Review on the Out Island & Classic